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Recent Mergers and Changes:

  • "West Central Florida and Gulf Ridge Council's merged to form the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council #89. Thanks to Rick Obermeyer, Jr. for notifying me of this change. Effective: May 1, 2016
    Greater Tampa Bay Area Council website

    • Florida-OA.com was the first website to announce the new lodge's name and number: Uh-To-Yeh-Hut-Tee Lodge #89, which translates as the Seminole word for 'lightning'. Totem is a bull. "The official merger date for Seminole Lodge 85 and Timuquan Lodge 340 is August 12, 2016. The first event for the new lodge will be their inaugural Lodge Leadership Development Conference, to be held August 12-14. September 9-11 will be the first event for all members, the Fall Fellowship, at Sand Hill Scout Reservation, near Brooksville. October 7-9 will be a Fall Conclave, at Camp Brorein, near Tampa."

  • "As of 1 August [2015], we have officially lost the Direct Service (Council) and its OA Lodge (555).... Transatlantic (TAC) triples its land mass size, taking in all of Africa, the Middle East, and western Asia which includes again Russia (Moscow was a part of TAC back in the 60s; now both St. Petersburg and Moscow are a part of TAC). Far East gains the eastern part of Asia as well as Australia, New Zealand and the Indian Ocean sub-continent, basically doubling it's land mass."
    Reference: LtC Mike Walton, 8/8/15 Patch-L posting

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