US citizens and their dependents who live abroad are able to participate in the BSA program through the Transatlantic Council (serving most of Europe), the Far East Council (serving Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Thailand), or through Direct Service, BSA.

The corresponding lodges: Black Eagle Lodge #482 (Transatlantic Cncl), Ikunuhkatsi, Hinode Goya, and Achpateuny lodges #498 (Far East Cncl), and Gamenowinink Lodge #555 (Direct Service) have rich histories. Prior to 1973, they were sometimes referred to as "Extra‑Regional" or the so-called "Region 13," even though they weren't organized as such, nor did they have region/area leadership, planning, or area events.

International lodges that no longer exist are: Chiriqui Lodge #391 (Panama Canal / Canal Zone Cncl), Baluga Lodge #538 (Clark AFB, Philippines), and Cuauhtli Lodge #446 (Scouts de America Council, Mexico City). Baluga merged into Hinode Goya, and Chiriqui and Cuauhtli merged into Gamenowinink.

Transatlantic t1b 

Direct Service s1  Far East s9, 40th Anniv.  Far East s6b 
Black Eagle 482s7  Gamenowinink 555s4  Achpateuny 498s2  Hinode Goya 498 s10b 
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Chiriqui 391s25 
Canal Zone Council
Cuauhtli 446f1 
Scouts de America, Mexico City, DF

image courtesy of Bob Cylkowski
Achsin 565 
Chamorro Council, Agana, Guam

image courtesy of Bob Cylkowski
Ikunuhkatsi 498 f4a 
image courtesy of

Baluga 538 s1 
Clark AFB, Angeles City, PI

image courtesy of Bill Griesmyer

Baluga 538 n1
image courtesy of Bill Topkis
Baluga 538 s1, 3 fakes, & original flap designs 
image courtesy of Bill Topkis

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