BSA/OA License Plates

1993 - 1999

2003 - current
1985 Mercury Topaz
1995 Toyota Camry
2009 Hyundai Accent
1986 Mazda 323
2007 Toyota Camry
2010 Toyota Corolla
2010 Chevy Malibu

At Philmont, a National Jamboree, or even at summer camp, you may see customized license plates with a scouting and/or OA theme. If you have such a plate-- especially a photo-- that you would like to showcase on this page, email me, and I'll add it here.

Please include the plate number with separaters (dash, dot, etc.), the state it's registered in, and what it refers to. Also, try and include the letter and background colors so I can approximate it in the table below. Many states also have non-character separaters (ie. state outline, keystone, graphic), so let me know and I'll just use a space.

Bill Anderson

Barry Jensen

Barry Jensen
img src="wwwplates/jensen185plate.png">
Jason Smith

Dave Rohlfing

Elizabeth Bowen

Casey Bowen

Bill Topkis

Mike Bazonis

Mike Bazonis

Mike Bazonis

Mike Bazonis

Mike Bazonis

Robert Mathis

Robert Mathis

Gregg Jordan

Craig Barnwell

Scott Dillard

David Kruse

George Oldroyd

Joe and Susan Manganiello

Connie Knie

Doug Newsom

graphic by Jeremy Miles

graphic by Jeremy Miles

Plate: State: Refers to: Owner/Submitted by:
WWW-LL46 PA Langundowi Lodge #46 Rob Higgins
WWW-LL46 PA Langundowi Lodge #46 Rob Higgins
OA CT Dave Rohlfing, Associate Lodge Adviser, Tschitani 10
WWWOA54 CA Allemakewink Lodge #54 Bill Anderson, 1996-98 Allemakewink Lodge Adviser
CUWE MI Cuwe Lodge #218 Barry Jensen
WWW MI Barry Jensen
BP 185 SC Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge #185 Jason Smith
EGWA129 GA Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge #129 Craig Barnwell
OA ID Elizabeth Bowen, Vigil Adviser, Shunkah Mahneetu 407
OA179 AL Alibamu Lodge #179 Mike Bazonis
WWW 200 FL Echockotee Lodge #200 Robert Mathis
3XW 200 FL Echockotee Lodge #200 Robert Mathis
TNKTKE CT Tankiteke Lodge #313 George Oldroyd, 1989 NE-3A Section Chief
METEU ID Casey Bowen, Meteu, Shunkah Mahneetu 407
EURNER AL E Urner Goodman Mike Bazonis
SCOUTR TX Scott Dillard
GSLAC MO Eagle Scout Greater St. Louis Area Council David Kruse
BSA MOM MI Connie Knie, Cubmaster, ASM, Commish, etc.
ARROW2 MO Joe and Susan Manganiello
B.S.A. TX OA members Greater St. Louis Area Doug Newsom
US UPNOA CA “Up, up and OA!” à la Superman Bill Topkis
NAWAKWA VA* Nawakwa Lodge #3 Jeremy Miles
OA L-3 VA* Nawakwa Lodge #3 Jeremy Miles
BSA-OA MO   Ken Kleinberg, Shawnee Lodge #51
OA FLAPS NC   Steve Smith
BSA WWW ID Centennial   Ted Burton
WB6EGL CA Ham radio call-sign for Woodbadge, eagle patrol Jim Carter
WWW197 IL Waupecan Lodge #197 Jerry Bauman
1 BSA OA IL   Jerry Bauman
TANNU NV Tannu Lodge #346 Chuck Tonzi
OA346 NV Tannu Lodge #346 Ev Holm
ILUVBSA NV   Steve Nelson
TANNU1 NV Tannu Lodge #346 Ev Holm
ROYANEH CA Camp Royaneh, SF Bay Area Council Chip Hansen
TROOP14 CA Troop #14, SF Bay Area Council Joe Ehrman
140 WWW IL Wulapeju Lodge #140 Steven Beck
WWW·313 CT Tankiteke Lodge #313 Adam Fromm
111IS60 TN Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge #111 60th Anniv. Carl E. Head, II
JAMBO97 TN 1997 National Jamboree Carl E. Head, II
BASCOUT TN   Carl E. Head, II
OA BSA TN   Carl E. Head, II
WWW 111 TN Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge #111 Carl E. Head, II
NOAC96 TN 1996 NOAC Carl E. Head, II
OA SE 6 TN Section SE-6 Howard Olson
BSA USA LA   Mike Nolan
WB308FOX NC Woodbadge SE-308, fox patrol Jim Taylor
OWL-BSA MO Woodbadge, owl patrol Fred Cruse
BSA-OWL MO Woodbadge, owl patrol Fred Cruse
LKTA 175 IL Lakota Lodge #175 Graham Fairbank
W4B WWW CA OA Section W-4B Larry Dylina
PHILMONT AR seen at Philmont David Lagesse
AKELA NY Cub Scout symbol of leadership Bob Rice
GILWELL NY Gilwell Park Charlie Reiner
SCOUT 1 NY   Don Vanderbilt
KTEMAQUE NY Ktemaque Lodge #15 Bob Fently
YUSTAGA FL Yustaga Lodge #385 Gregg Jordan
*Although it's not an actual plate, the graphic is so good that it should be

BSA/OA License Plates
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