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Mergers and Changes:

  • "As of 1 August [2015], we have officially lost the Direct Service (Council) and its OA Lodge (Gamenowinink 555). Folks in the old Direct Service are encouraged to swap out insignia with their new local Council, either Transatlantic or Far East.... Transatlantic (TAC) triples its land mass size, taking in all of Africa, the Middle East, and western Asia which includes again Russia (Moscow was a part of TAC back in the 60s; now both St. Petersburg and Moscow are a part of TAC).

    Far East gains the eastern part of Asia as well as Australia, New Zealand and the Indian Ocean sub-continent, basically doubling it's land mass.

    Units and individuals in Canada will be managed by the Greater Niagara Frontier Council, I was told; while units in Central and South America will continue to receive service from the much smaller International Office at the National Center until a final decision is made as to which local Councils will gain their units and individuals. Right now, my pennies is on Sam Houston Area and South Florida Councils splitting up the territory. It is hopeful that a final decision will be made by the time All Hands start in Texas at the middle of this month."

    Reference: Mike Walton, webmaster of The Badge and Uniform Site and 8/5/15 posting on Patch-L

  • On Jan 1, 2015, I-Tsu-La Lodge is officially chartered.
    Reference: Alexander Leach, Egwa Tawa Dee 129, 2015 Southern Region Chief

    • On May 10, 2014 an email was sent to the members of Tomo Chi-Chi Lodge announcing that after their merger with Pilthlako 229, their new lodge will be called I-Tsu-La Lodge #99. The new lodge name is pronounced "it-chula" and it means "togetherness". The new totem is the endangered Loggerhead Turtle. Also, "until the end of this calendar year both lodges will continue to operate as separate entities on paper. However, after the summer of 2014, there will start to be one lodge for all events."
      Reference: Carolina OA

      When this was reported on Patch-L, there was a bit of an outcry because this would conflict with Tonkawa Lodge's number (99). However, Alan McDonald, from Tomo Chi-Chi, clarified that that part of the announcement must've been an oversight, and that they weren't trying to adopt another lodge's number. However, the new lodge's adviser, who made the decision to use 99 in the first place, isn't going to budge. We can all thank National Council for this needless mess. However, as I haven't seen them use any number, I think that this is much more preferable than using Tonkawa's number.

      • Coastal Empire Council is scheduled to merge with Okefenokee Area Council to form Coastal Georgia Council #99 in Savannah, GA. Their lodges, Pilthlako 229 and Tomo-Chi-Chi 119 respectively, will merge by the end of the year. The new lodge will in Section SR-5.
        Effective: March 1, 2014. However, it was reported by Rick Obermeyer on Patch-L that the Georgia Secretary of State still has to approve the new entity.
        Reference: Jacob Schlies

  • On March 9th, the youth of both Immokalee 353 and Alapaha 545 voted on the new name and totem of the new lodge. Effective May 1st, they will be known as the Withlacoochee Lodge. Their new totem will be the Gopher Tortoise.
    Reference: 3/11/12 posting on Patch-L by Jim Halter

    • "The lodge chose the number 98, which was the council number of South Georgia Council."
      Reference: The History of Withlacoochee Lodge for Centennial

      • Jacob Schlies, 2011-12 Section SR-9 Chief, recently gave me an updated merger date of April 29, 2013 for the new lodge.

        • "The approval vote last week was unanimous for the merger of Chehaw Council [Immokalee 353] in Albany, Georgia and Alapaha Area Council [Alapaha 545] in Valdosta, Georgia. The new council name at this time is the South Georgia Council."
          Effective: 11/1/12
          Reference: 10/15/12 posting to Patch-L by Bill Loeble

          At the time of that posting, it wasn't clear that the name "South Georgia" was in fact only a temporary name, especially since it was ultimately became the permanent name of the council.
          Several posting to Patch-L on 11/21/12 gave more details:

Section Changes:

Area 4 Section Seminars:

From 1992-2001, and 2008-09 Section SR-4 held "section seminars", which were Fall gathering of the lodges that also included Council of Chiefs meetings. The Council of Chiefs meets all day Saturday and the other members of the lodges have seminars on Indian culture and other matters relating to the Order of the Arrow. It is my understanding that it is unique to S4 and one other section in the country.

In 2001 the section seminar was held at Camp Osborn (Immokalee Lodge 353) for the newly reformed and divided S4 section. In 2001 S4 was enlarged to include southern Alabama and west Florida and divided into south and north subsections. At that time Echeconnee 358 and Tomo Chi Chi 119 lodges were reassigned from S4 to other sections. The 2001 Section Seminar at Camp Osborn was the only section seminar ever held for all of S4 (both north and south). All 15 lodges of the new S4 and Echeconnee 358 and Tomo Chi Chi 119 (for a total of 17 lodges) were invited to attend. Consequently it was called the 'Great' S4 Section Seminar. SR-4S continued to hold Fall seminars from 2002-07, while S4N did not adopt the practice.

After the 2007 realignment, the new SR-4 held seminars for 2008-09.

Section SR-4 Section Seminar / COC
2007Go to 2002-2007
2008Aal-Pa-Tah 237Tanah Keeta SRJupiterFL
2009Tipisa 326Camp La-No-ChePaisleyFL

References: Immokalee Lodge #353: Section Seminar History, various issues of O-Shot-Caw Lodge #265's newletter, The Patchwork, and Riddle, Henry R. "Rusty". A Golden Legacy: 50th Anniversary of the Dixie Fellowships (1952-2002). Charleston, SC: Coastal Carolina Council, BSA, 2002

2015 Southern Region Section Listing
Quelqueshoe Lodge #166 Calcasieu Area Council #209 Lake Charles LA
Comanche Lodge #254 Louisiana Purchase Council #213 Monroe LA
Chilantakoba Lodge #397 Southeast Louisiana Council #214 Metairie LA
Quinipissa Lodge #479 Istrouma Area Council #211 Baton Rouge LA
Atchafalaya Lodge #563 Evangeline Area Council #212 Lafayette LA
Sebooney Okasucca Lodge #260 Andrew Jackson Council #303 Jackson MS
Watonala Lodge #169 Pushmataha Area Council #691 Columbus MS
Ashwanchi Kinta Lodge #193 Choctaw Area Council #302 Meridian MS
Ti'ak Lodge #404 Pine Burr Area Council #304 Hattiesburg MS
Cowikee Lodge #224 Alabama-Florida Council #3 Dothan AL
Woa Cholena Lodge #322 Mobile Area Council #4 Mobile AL
Yustaga Lodge #385 Gulf Coast Council #773 Pensacola FL
SR-2/3 North
Wichita Lodge #35 Northwest Texas Council #587 Wichita Falls TX
Tejas Lodge #72 East Texas Area Council #585 Tyler TX
Mikanakawa Lodge #101 Circle Ten Council #571 Dallas TX
Nakona Lodge #150 South Plains Council #694 Lubbock TX
Netopalis Sipo Schipinachk Lodge #209 Longhorn Council #662 Hurst TX
Akela Wahinapay Lodge #232 Caddo Area Council #584 Texarkana TX
Loquanne Allangwh Lodge #428 NeTseO Trails Council #580 Paris TX
Nischa Achowalogen Lodge #486 Golden Spread Council #562 Amarillo TX
Penateka Lodge #561 Texas Trails Council #561 Abilene TX
Caddo Lodge #149 Norwela Council #215 Shreveport LA
SR-2/3 South
Aina Topa Hutsi Lodge #60 Alamo Area Council #583 San Antonio TX
Tonkawa Lodge #99 Capitol Area Council #564 Austin TX
Wihinipa Hinsa Lodge #113 Bay Area Council #574 Galveston TX
Colonneh Lodge #137 Sam Houston Area Council #576 Houston TX
Tatanka Lodge #141 Buffalo Trail Council #567 Midland TX
Wahinkto Lodge #199 Texas Southwest Council #741 San Angelo TX
Wewanoma Lodge #272 Rio Grande Council #775 Harlingen TX
Karankawa Lodge #307 South Texas Council #577 Corpus Christi TX
Hasinai Lodge #578 Three Rivers Council #578 Beaumont TX
Seminole Lodge #85 Gulf Ridge Council #86 Tampa FL
Echockotee Lodge #200 North Florida Council #87 Jacksonville FL
Aal-Pa-Tah Lodge #237 Gulf Stream Council #85 Palm Beach Gardens FL
Semialachee Lodge #239 Suwannee River Area Council #664 Tallahassee FL
O-Shot-Caw Lodge #265 South Florida Council #84 Miami Lakes FL
Tipisa Lodge #326 Central Florida Council #83 Apopka FL
Timuquan Lodge #340 West Central Florida Council #89 Seminole FL
Osceola Lodge #564 Southwest Florida Council #88 Fort Myers FL
SR-5 "Dixie Fellowship"
Tsali Lodge #134 Daniel Boone Council #414 Asheville NC
Itibapishe Iti Hollo Lodge #188 Central North Carolina Council #416 Albemarle NC
Catawba Lodge #459 Mecklenburg County Council #415 Charlotte NC
Eswau Huppeday Lodge #560 Piedmont Council #420 Gastonia NC
Santee Lodge #116 Pee Dee Area Council #552 Florence SC
Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge #185 Blue Ridge Council #551 Greenville SC
Muscogee Lodge #221 Indian Waters Council #553 Columbia SC
Unali'Yi Lodge #236 Coastal Carolina Council #550 Charleston SC
Skyuka Lodge #270 Palmetto Council #549 Spartanburg SC
Bob White Lodge #87 Georgia-Carolina Council #93 Augusta GA
Nguttitehen Lodge #205 Lincoln Heritage Council #205 Louisville KY
Kawida Lodge #480 Blue Grass Council #204 Lexington KY
Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge #111 Middle Tennessee Council #560 Nashville TN
Sequoyah Lodge #184 Sequoyah Council #713 Johnson City TN
Pellissippi Lodge #230 Great Smoky Mountain Council #557 Knoxville TN
Ittawamba Lodge #235 West Tennessee Area Council #559 Jackson TN
Talidandaganu' Lodge #293 Cherokee Area Council #556 Chattanooga TN
Ahoalan-Nachpikin Lodge #558 Chickasaw Council #558 Memphis TN
Chicksa Lodge #202 Yocona Area Council #748 Tupelo MS
Nawakwa Lodge #3 Heart of Virginia Council #602 Richmond VA
Tutelo Lodge #161 Blue Ridge Mountains Council #599 Roanoke VA
Shenandoah Lodge #258 Stonewall Jackson Area Council #763 Waynesboro VA
Shenshawpotoo Lodge #276 Shenandoah Area Council #598 Winchester VA
Wahunsenakah Lodge #333 Colonial Virginia Council #595 Newport News VA
Blue Heron Lodge #349 Tidewater Council #596 Virginia Beach VA
SR-7B "Cardinal Conclave"
Tsoiotsi Tsogalii Lodge #70 Old North State Council #70 Greensboro NC
Occoneechee Lodge #104 Occoneechee Council #421 Raleigh NC
Croatan Lodge #117 East Carolina Council #426 Kinston NC
Wahissa Lodge #118 Old Hickory Council #427 Winston-Salem NC
Nayawin̅ Ra̅R Lodge #296 Tuscarora Council #424 Goldsboro NC
Klahican Lodge #331 Cape Fear Council #425 Wilmington NC
Quapaw Lodge #160 Quapaw Area Council #18 Little Rock AR
Abooikpaagun Lodge #399 De Soto Area Council #13 El Dorado AR
Wachtschu Mawachpo Lodge #559 Westark Area Council #16 Fort Smith AR
Ema 'O Mahpe Lodge #14 Cimarron Council #474 Enid OK
Ma-Nu Lodge #133 Last Frontier Council #480 Oklahoma City OK
Ta Tsu Hwa Lodge #138 Indian Nations Council #488 Tulsa OK
Wisawanik Lodge #190 Arbuckle Area Council #468 Ardmore OK
Washita Lodge #288 Cherokee Area Council #469 Bartlesville OK
Coosa Lodge #50 Greater Alabama Council #1 Birmingham AL
Alibamu Lodge #179 Tukabatchee Area Council #5 Montgomery AL
Aracoma Lodge #481 Black Warrior Council #6 Tuscaloosa AL
Withlacoochee Lodge #98 South Georgia Council #98 Valdosta GA
I-Tsu-La Lodge [119] Coastal Georgia Council #99 Savannah GA
Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge #129 Atlanta Area Council #92 Atlanta GA
Chattahoochee Lodge #204 Chattahoochee Council #91 Columbus GA
Mowogo Lodge #243 Northeast Georgia Council #101 Jefferson GA
Waguli Lodge #318 Northwest Georgia Council #100 Rome GA
Ini-To Lodge #324 Flint River Council #95 Griffin GA
Echeconnee Lodge #358 Central Georgia Council #96 Macon GA

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