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Council Service Territories

Map of Council Service Territories, May 2024 (.pdf)

In 2020, National created a restructuring proposal, called the Churchill Plan (pdf). Among other details, this plan recommended that the BSA organizational structure of regions, areas, and sections should be redrawn as 16 "National Service Territories".

In December 2021, as part of Project Magellan, National reorganized the Order of Arrow into two Regions: Eastern and Gateway, and a list of new sections was released. Since then, it appears that these two reorganizations for councils and lodges will continue separately. This is particularly interesting, as since the OA's full integration with the BSA in 1948, OA regions and areas have almost always been in lockstep with BSA regions and areas-- even to the detriment to lodge and section organizations.

In 2024, National Service Territories were renamed to Council Service Territories (CSTs), with several CST boundaries updated. Additionally, CST 2 and CST 11 were merged into adjacent CSTs, resulting in a total of 14 Council Service Territories.

CST 1 map (.pdf)

CST 3 map (.pdf)

CST 4 map (.pdf)

CST 5 map (.pdf)

CST 6 map (.pdf)

CST 7 map (.pdf)

CST 8 map (.pdf)

CST 9 map (.pdf)

CST 10 map (.pdf)

CST 12 map (.pdf)

CST 13 map (.pdf)

CST 14 map (.pdf)

CST 15 map (.pdf)

CST 16 map (.pdf)
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