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1949 - 1972
1938 - 1948

  • Area 3, which by 1940 had been renamed Area C, was the Area Territory that included lodges in southeast New York, New York City, and all lodges in New Jersey:

    Area C (1938-42)
    Sanhican 2Ohowa 71 (inactive by 1940)
    Ranachqua 4Hunnikick 76
    Cowaw 9Lekau 77
    Pamrapaugh 14Man-A-Hattin 82
    Chappegat 15Tamarack 84
    Shu-Shu-Gah 24Wiccopee 86
    Kitchawonk 321/13/38: Kon-Kon-Tu 107
    Achtu 37Aquehongian 112
    Hanigus 478/11/39: Chautauqua 165
    Suanhacky 49    8/4/40: Sah-Dah-Gey-Ah 187 (m '42)
    Allemakewink 541/3/40: Kiamesha 172
    Skanondo 64 (assumed)6/17/40: Mohican 178
    Miquin 688/6/40: Wakanda 186 (assumed)

  • By Dec. 1942, the lodges in New Jersey lodges were transferred to D, while Wakanda 186 was moved to Area B:

    Old Area C

    Area C (1943)

    to Area D

    to Area B
    New York lodges:
    Ranachqua 4
    Chappegat 15
    Shu-Shu-Gah 24
    1942: Tahawus 32 (nc)
        Kitchawonk 32
    Hanigus 47
    Suanhacky 49
    Skanondo 64 (assumed)
    Man-A-Hattin 82
    Wiccopee 86
    Aquehongian 112
    Chautauqua 165
    Kiamesha 172
    8/6/43: Wakoda 246
    8/13/43: Tahgajute 247
    New Jersey lodges:
    Sanhican 2
    Cowaw 9
    Pamrapaugh 14
    Achtu 37
    Allemakewink 54
    Miquin 68
    Hunnikick 76
    Lekau 77
    Tamarack 84
    Kon-Kon-Tu 107
    Mohican 178
    Wakanda 186

Ohowa and Na-Tsi-Hi Lodges:

The original lodge 71 was chartered to Monmouth Council on October 5, 1933 with the name Ohowa. The lodge totem was an owl. Activities of Ohowa lodge probably centered around the council's camp, Camp Burton-at-Allaire.

The lodge became inactive by about 1940, around the same time summer camp at Camp Burton-at-Allaire was discontinued.

In 1937 the council was renamed Monmouth-Ocean Council in recognition of the growth of the Scouting program in Ocean county.

In 1940, Monmouth-Ocean Council split into two councils: Monmouth Council and Ocean County Council. At that time, the new Ocean County Council scout executive requested that lodge number 71 be assigned to Ocean County Council. However, there is no record of any Order of the Arrow activity in either council at that time. Following World War II, the lodge number was again available, and the Monmouth Council scout executive received approval to reactivate lodge 71. But again it appears that there was not enough interest at the grassroots to revive the old lodge.

A small group of youth and adults gathered in December 1950 at Camp Housman on the old Allaire property just one mile from where the original Ohowa lodge 71 had been founded. They formed a new lodge called Na-Tasi-Hi, which meant "in the pines"-- a reference to Camp Housman's location on the northern fringe of the Pine Barrens. The lodge's totem would be "three pine trees" to represent the three parts of the Scout Oath and the three principles of the OA.

The new lodge was approved by the council's executive board and received its National charter (re-using the old number 71) in early 1951. During 1951, the spelling of the lodge's name was corrected by changing Tasi to Tsi, which is the proper spelling of that syllable in the Cherokee language, resulting in the name Na-Tsi-Hi.

The lodge sent a contingent to the first Area 2-C Conference, at Pine Hill Scout Reservation in 1951.

Reference: Na-Tsi-Hi Lodge 71 website

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