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Mergers and Changes:

  • Update: "The voting memberships of the Pee Dee Area Council and Indian Waters Council separately convened on Monday, July 11th and each council unanimously voted to merge, effective August 1, 2022. This was preceded in June by merger approval from both council executive boards after extensive research and a recommendation by a combined-council Merge Study Committee."

    Reference: Historic Merger Approved

    • It has recently been announced that Pee Dee Area Council (Santee 116) will merge with Indian Waters Council (Muscogee 221). The name of the merged council will be the Indian Waters Council #553, while Santee 116 will merge into and become a chapter of Muscogee 221. The announcement states that Camp Coker in Society Hill, the Henry Johnson Service Center in Florence, Camp Barstow on Lake Murray, and the George Fant Scout Service Center in Columbia will all "stay open and provide support to an expanded constituency". Thanks to Tom Elmore of Muscogee Lodge 221 for notifying me of this development.

      Effective: Aug 1, 2022
      Reference: Proposed Council Merger Overview

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