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Mergers and Changes:

  • Georgia-Carolina Council moved from Augusta to a new Georgia-Carolina Adventure and Nature Center in Evans, GA.
    Effective: Apr 13, 2022
    Reference: Georgia-Carolina Council's Facebook page

  • Suffolk County Council moved from Medford to a new service center in Farmingville, NY.
    Effective: Feb 9, 2022
    Reference: Suffolk County Council's Facebook page

  • Ktemaque 15 and Nacha Nimat 86 merged to form Mahicantuck Lodge #15:

    "On Sun., Nov. 14th, over 65 members of Ktemaque and Nacha Nimat Lodges gathered at Camp Bullowa for the first official meeting of our new lodge. The new name for the Greater Hudson Valley Council Order of the Arrow lodge will be 'Mahicantuck Lodge #15, W.W.W.' and it's totem will be that of the historic 'Mastadon', where remains have been found in the Hudson Valley area.
    The new officers were elected at this meeting."

    Effective: Nov 14, 2021
    Reference: New York OA Trader

    Even though they were both chartered to Greater Hudson Valley Council, according to Project Magellan, Ktemaque 15, as part of the old NE-2B, was assigned to Section E-18, and Nacha Nimat 86, as part of the old NE-2A, was assigned to Section E-20. Now they've merged, I had to consult both the Project Magellan map and Section E-20 website's list of lodges, to decide that Mahicantuck 15 must be part of Section E-18.

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