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Mergers and Changes:
  • Mason-Dixon merged into Shenandoah Area Council, and is now called the Mason-Dixon District. This is after both councils in May posting notices on their official Facebook pages advising they have been involved in discussions to merge, with a possible vote by July. On July 18th, Shenandoah Area Council's Facebook page officially welcomed the leaders & scouts of Mason-Dixon Council as part of their new Mason-Dixon District. This conflicts with the Mason-Dixon District website, that claims that merger occurred August 1st.
    Effective: by Jul 18, 2023
    References: VA OA, and July 12th Shenandoah Area Council press release "Local Boy Scout Councils Announce Merger to Strengthen Scouting Opportunities"

  • Western New York Council's website is now live, which shows that they still have two service centers: their new Richard E. Garman Scouting Center in Cheektowaga and their Oakfield Office and Scout Store. It also confirms their council number: #380.

    • According to a recent email, the merger of Iroquois Trail and Greater Niagara Frontier to form the Western New York Council will be effective May 1st. Special thanks to Bro. Andrew Kosmowski for forwarding this.

           "As we shared with you in November of 2022, the Iroquois Trail Council and the Greater Niagara Frontier Council have been engaged in merger discussions. We are excited to let you know that effective May 1, 2023 the councils will formally come together to create the new Western New York Scout Council, Boy Scouts of America.
           The Iroquois Trail Council and the Greater Niagara Frontier Council have partnered together for generations on many activities. As a result of this close connection and the desire to grow the Scouting program in WNY, the councils began merger discussions last fall. The result of these careful and detailed discussions was the unanimous realization that the councils were truly stronger if they joined together to share resources and programs. Combining the strengths of each council into one organization will benefit our Scouts and leaders through increased summer and offseason camping opportunities, more frequent training programs, a wider range of council-hosted Scouting events and activities, and a larger council staff to support units.
           The WNY Scout Council will serve youth from all of Erie, Niagara, Genesee, Orleans, and Wyoming counties, and most of Livingston County. The new council will continue to operate both Scout service centers in Cheektowaga and Oakfield. The council will also continue to operate Camp Scouthaven and Camp Sam Wood.
           The transition process will take a couple of months logistically as we work with BSA National on many system issues behind the scenes. With a new Council name also comes new imagery including a new council shoulder strip, logo, flags, signage, and website all of which will be phased in over the coming days."

      4/24/23 email from Jim McMullen, Iroquois Trail Council Scout Exective.
      Merger of Scout Councils, Iroquois Trail and Greater Niagara Frontier, Effective May 1.” Orleans Hub, 24 Apr 2023

  • According to Tom Elmore, Santee 116 and Muscogee 221 are merging to form Muscogee 116, Muscogee 221 as previously communicated. Also, its totem will be the red fox and Carolina parakeet.
    Effective: Jan 1, 2023
    Reference: Indian Waters Council CE Doug Stone

    • Update: "The voting memberships of the Pee Dee Area Council and Indian Waters Council separately convened on Monday, July 11th and each council unanimously voted to merge, effective August 1, 2022. This was preceded in June by merger approval from both council executive boards after extensive research and a recommendation by a combined-council Merge Study Committee."
      Reference: Historic Merger Approved

      • It has recently been announced that Pee Dee Area Council (Santee 116) will merge with Indian Waters Council (Muscogee 221). The name of the merged council will be the Indian Waters Council #553, while Santee 116 will merge into and become a chapter of Muscogee 221. The announcement states that Camp Coker in Society Hill, the Henry Johnson Service Center in Florence, Camp Barstow on Lake Murray, and the George Fant Scout Service Center in Columbia will all "stay open and provide support to an expanded constituency". Thanks to Tom Elmore of Muscogee Lodge 221 for notifying me of this development.
        Effective: Aug 1, 2022
        Reference: Proposed Council Merger Overview

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