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Menawngihella 550 s5 (1975)

Mountaineer Area Cncl s2

In 1976, as a fundraiser for their council, Menawngihella Lodge issued a 22-piece set of flaps, each representing a lodge that had never issued an emblem. These were meant to be "space fillers" for OA lodge number collections.

Each emblem was screen-printed on felt and featured a different Indian design and the words "NO PATCH ISSUED". Designed by Joe Mallon, Troy Herron, Paul Helmick, and Jim Walsh, they printed 125 sets, which sold for $12 each!

Unalactigo 8 zf1

Wawonaissa 10 zf2

Wakay 13 zf1

Checaugau 21 zf1

Blackhawk 23 zf1

Garrison 25 zf1

Mohawks 27 zf1

Tahawus 32 zf1

Pokawachne 45 zf1

Wiccopee 86 zf2

Potawattomi 122 zf1

Tsun-Ga'Ni 144 zf1

Winnepurkit 158 zf1

Nagadjiwanang 174 zf1

Sah-Dah-Gey-Ah 187 zf1

Shawnee 192 zf1

Ottawa 198 zf1

Texoma 209 zf1

Minnewasco 250 zf1

Cimeroon 283 zf1

Nisjaw 338 zf1

Golden Tomahawk 344 zf1

Fill in your blanks and contribute to Scouting

We have designed and manufactured the fifteen flap shaped emblems shown on this page for use as space fillers in OA number collections. None of these lodges ever issued an emblem before they merged, but each lodge was assigned a unique number by National. Thus, these lodges represent the blank spaces in a numbers set. In addition to the fifteen emblems, shown here, seven other emblems have been manufactured to represent those lodges that never issued an emblem but have had their numbers re­-assigned by National since 1972. Each emblem has been screen-printed on felt and each features a different Indian design. The words "NO PATCH ISSUED" appears on each emblem.

We will give you a complete set of twenty-two space fillers if you contribute $12.00 to Mountaineer Area Council. All money contributed is tax-deductible and will go to camp development. We have paid all manufacturing and design costs and have "purchased" an equivalent number of sets for our use in exchange for this at $12.00 per set. We hope to raise $1000 for our camp through this project.

Lodges that never issued an emblem, and their number was not reassigned to a new lodge prior to 1977:
  1. MOHAWKS 27, number not reissued until 1977.
  2. TAHAWUS 32, number not reissued until 1991.
  3. POKAWACHNE 45, number reissued to Indian Creek in 1936, which also had no issues. Number not reissued until 1992.
  4. POTAWATTOMI 122, number never reissued.
  5. Tsun-Ga'Ni1 44, number never reissued.
  6. Winnepurkit 158, number not reissued until 1993.
  7. NAGADJIWANANG 174, number never reissued.
  8. Sah-Dah-Gey-Ah 187, number never reissued.
  9. SHAWNEE 192, number never reissued.
  10. OTTAWA 198, number not reissued until 1998.
  11. Texoma 209, number not reissued until 2003.
  12. Minnewasco 250, number never reissued.
  13. CIMEROON 283, number never reissued.
  14. NISJAW 338, number not reissued until 1995.
  15. GOLDEN TOMAHAWK 344, number never reissued.
Lodges that never issued an emblem but have had their numbers re­-assigned by National since 1972:
  1. Unalactigo 8, number reissued in 1972 to Mascoutens 8.
  2. Wawonaissa 10, number reissued in 1972 to Sassacus 10.
  3. WAKAY 13, number reissued in 1973 to Wiatava 13.
  4. CHECAUGAU 21, number reissued in 1972 to Wulakamike 21.
  5. BLACKHAWK 23, number reissued in 1973 to Wenasa Quenhotan 23.
  6. GARRISON 25, number reissued in 1975 to Nacha Tindey 25.
  7. WICCOPEE 86, number reissued in 1948 to Great Horned Owl 86, which also had no issues.

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