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On May 22, 1982-- one month after their first, albeit joint, conclave-- the five lodges of Section SE-9 (Nentico 12, Nentego 20, Guneukitschik 317, Amangamek-Wipit 470, and Ahtuhquog 540) were transferred to the Northeast Region. They became Section NE-6. Black Eagle 482, from NE-3A, was added that June.

This change reunited these lodges with their companion lodges from the old Region 3, which had been partitioned ten years before.

Old SE-9 / New NE-6
Nentico 12
Nentego 20
Guneukitschik 317
Amangamek-Wipit 470
Ahtuhquog 540
Black Eagle 482 (from NE-3A)

Reference: History of Section NE-6, and The History of Ahtuhquog Lodge No. 540, WWW

That year, NE-6 held their first conclave at Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation. A pin set had been ordered while the section was still SE-9,
which then had to be reordered as Section NE-6:

1983 SE-9 & NE-6 conclave pins 1983 NE-6 conclave patch
images courtesy of Ben Lefever

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