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Lodges 502-590

Region-Area & Section (as of conclave):
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#502 T'Kope Kwiskwis G15 G15 G15                              
#506 Yokahú E17 E17 NE-5
#522 Tindeuchen E2 E2 C-6B
#533 Talako G17N G17N G17N
#549 Toontuk G15 G15 G15
#550 Menawngihella E13 E13 E13
#553 Paugassett E20 E20 E20
#558 Ahoalan-Nachpikin E3 E3 E3
#559 Wachtschu Mawachpo G4 G4 G4
#560 Eswau Huppeday E7 E7 E7
#561 Penateka G3 G3 G3
#563 Atchafalaya G1 G1 G1
#564 Osceola E5 E5 E5
#566 Malibu G18N G18N G18N&S
#567 Nā Mokupuni ʻO Lawelawe G19 G19 G19
#573 Sakima E1 E1 E1G-2
#578 Hasinai G2 G2 G2
#590 Ammatdiio G12S G12S2 G14S

R-AS Region realignment   Currently researching
R-AS Major section change
(non-region wide)
? Unknown
R-AS Host/Service lodge <R-AS> Conclave was not held
2nd | 1st Attended multiple conclaves {R-AS} Conclave not confirmed
R-AS&S Joint conclave (R-AS) Lodge attendance needs confirmation
------ Lodge didn't exist "R-AS" Lodge most likely didn't attend
032    Link to successor lodge [R-AS] Lodge did not attend conclave
Split: links to successor lodges «R-AS» Lodge attended non-member conclave 
To distinguish between conclaves when, because of a realignment,
different sections held events with the same R-AS designation in the same year
(e.g., two different C-5A conclaves in 1997, 1st in Ohio, 2nd in Nebraska).

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