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Need to show councils with disbanded lodges that either rechartered with a new name OR merged into a council with existing lodge.

m = merged into
nc = name changed
dis = disbanded
rc = re-chartered

Two years before the 1948 integration into the BSA's 12 Regions, Area U was changed over to Region 12. In the August 1946 issue of the National Bulletin, Area U was shown as "omitted now." Instead, these lodges were listed as Areas 12-A, 12-B, and 12-C. However, at the local level 12-A was referred to as "Section A of Area U," up until perhaps as late as 1950.

Bill Topkis writes:

"The reality is that starting as early as 1934, the integration into the BSA had begun. By 1946 it was a fait accompli, just needing final approvals. There are many references in National Executive Committee Meeting minutes (the immediate predecessor to the modern National OA Committee) regarding the advantages to the OA utilizing the BSA's 12 Region supply and alignment systems. I have seen in programs (such as the 1947 Tamet Lodge hosted Area Conference) references to 'Area U South.' So it seems the new system did not catch on right away, but the Order's growth as they were incorporated into National was too extreme to continue with the old system."

Region 12-B timeline:

Reference: W-3A "Local & Regional History" power point presentation. Craig Leighty, 2002

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