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1973 - 1992
1949 - 1972
1938 - 1948

Need to show councils with disbanded lodges that either rechartered with a new name OR merged into a council with existing lodge.

In 1949, Region 6 initially had four areas: 6-A, 6-B, 6-C, and 6-D:

  • Area 6-A was made up of lodges in North Carolina:

    Area 6-A (1949-52)
    <did not meet 1949-51>

    Area 6-A (1953-73)

    to Area 6-B
    Tali Taktaki 70 (from Area I)
    Occoneechee 104 (from Area I)
    Croatan 117 (from Area I)
    Wahissa 118 (from Area I)
    Tslagi 163 (from Area I)
    Uwharrie 208 (from Area I)
    Nayawin̅ Ra̅R 296 (from Area I)
    Klahican 331 (from Area I)
    Tsali 134 (from Area I?)
    Itibapishe Iti Hollo 188 (from Area I?)
    6/51: Catawba 459

    Area 6-A did not meet until 1952. Area I met one last time in 1949 at Camp Uwharrie.
    Polio outbreaks in the area may have prevented events from being held the next two years.
    Reference: John Pannell, OA Images Blog

Conflicting information regarding names and dates Seminole 85 and Kiondashama 85:

Therefore, between 1952 - 1957, I will list the lodge name as Kiondashama/Seminole 85.

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