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In September of 1948, Area I, Area J, and Area Z was reorganized as Region 5 as part of the 1948 integration into the twelve scouting regions.

By 1949, Region 6 had four areas: 6-A, 6-B, 6-C, and 6-D.

No area conferences were held in 1969.

Randy Yates in his book Georgia and Florida OA Area and Section Fellowships explains: "the National OA Committee decided to discontinue the Area Conclaves during the same years as the National OA Conferences, which were held every other year. They recommended that there be held an Area Officer Training Conference in place of the conclaves. There was such an outcry from the OA membership against this action, that the National OA Committee decided to continue the annual Area Conclaves when it met at the 1969 NOAC."

This is also mentioned in The FloridOA Handbook by Rick Obermeyer: "1969- No Conference. Regional headquarters decided that the Areas would meet only every other year, to alternate with the National Conferences. After this year, that was discontinued."

Conflicting information regarding names and dates Seminole 85 and Kiondashama 85:

Therefore, between 1952 - 1957, I will list the lodge name as Kiondashama/Seminole 85.

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