1973 - 1992
1948 - 1972

Of the nine territorial and foreign councils of the BSA, four were assigned to an area: Yokahú 506 (Puerto Rico) and Arawak 562 (US Virgin Islands) were in Area 2-J; Achsin 565 (Chamorro, Guam) was in Area 12-H; and Cuauhtli 446 (the American Society of Mexico, Mexico City, D.F.) was in Area 9-B.

The other five councils and their lodges were not included within the 12 Regions. Black Eagle 482 (Transatlantic), Hinode Goya 498 (Far East), Chiriqui 391* (Canal Zone), Baluga 538 (Clark AFB, Philippines), and Gamenowinink 555 (Direct Service) were instead overseen by the BSA's International Division. They were sometimes referred to as "Extra-Regional" or the so-called "Region 13," even though they weren't organized as such, nor did they have region/area leadership, planning, or area events.

In 1971, Cuauhtli 446 merged into Gamenowinink Lodge #555.

In 1973, the three remaining lodges were organized as part of the 1973 New Section Operation: Black Eagle 482 and Gamenowinink 555 to the Northeast Region, and Hinode Goya 498 to the Western Region.

*Lists from National show that Chiriqui 391 was included as part of 12-A from 1950-52.

1959: Region 6
1973: Northeast Region
1973: Northeast Region
1973: Western Region
1965: Merged into 498
Chiriqui 391 s25  Black Eagle 482 s7  Gamenowinink 555 s4  Hinode Goya 498 s17b Baluga 538 s1  
courtesy of Bill Griesmyer

Extra-Regional "13" Lodges
Lodge: Council: Location: To:
Chiriqui Lodge #391 (1948-88) Canal Zone Council #801 (1933-79) Balboa, CZ Area 6-E
Black Eagle Lodge #482 (1952- ) Transatlantic Council #802 (1953- )
    EUCOM, BSA Advisory Council #802 (1951-53)
Heidelberg, Germany NE-3A
Hinode Goya Lodge #498 (1953-75)
    Baluga Lodge #538 (1959-65)
Far East Council #803 (1953- )
    Clark AFB Council, Angeles City, PI (1959-65)
Tokyo, Japan W-3C
Gamenowinink Lodge #555 (1962*-2015) Direct Service Council #800 (1956-2000)** New Brunswick, NJ NE-4B

*Chartered in 1962, Gamenowinink Lodge was slow to organize. It was not until [Summer of] 1969 that it became a viable lodge.
Reference: Bill Topkis, Jeff Morley, and Duane Fowlks. "Run for the Border: The BSA's History in Mexico." Journal of the American Scouting Historical Society 8 (Winter 1998): 18

** "Direct Service [Council #800] was never a stand-alone council despite the moniker, window dressing, and mythology. In 2000,the fictional council name morphed into Direct Service BSA, a program of the International Division."
Reference: Phil Abbey, Gamenowinink Lodge #555

In 2015, Direct Service (Council) and its OA Lodge (555) were dissolved. Africa, the Middle East, and western Asia became part of Transatlantic Council. Eastern Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Indian Ocean sub-continent became part of the Far East Council. Units and individuals in Canada were to be managed by the Greater Niagara Frontier Council.
Reference: Mike Walton, 8/8/15 Patch-L posting

Territorial & Foreign Lodges that Were Not in "Region 13"
Lodge: Council: Location: R-A:
Cuauhtli Lodge #446 (1951-71) The American Society of Mexico (1943-71) Mexico City, DF, Mexico 9-B
Yokahú Lodge #506 (1954- ) Puerto Rico Council #661 (1929- ) San Juan, PR 2-J
Arawak Lodge #562 (1966-2013) Virgin Islands Council #410 (1965-2013) St. Thomas, VI 2-J
Achsin Lodge #565 (1970-73) Chamorro Council #649 (1970-73) Agana, GU 12-H

Territorial & Foreign Councils pre-OA
Operational: Council: Location:
 1923-29 Canal Zone, Panama Council #641s Balboa, CZ
 1929-33 Panama Canal Zone Council #801 Balboa, CZ
 1923-37 Philippine Islands Council #545 Manila, PI
 1938-42* BS of A Philippine Islands Council #802 Manila, PI
 1923-28 Peking, China Council #643s Peking, China
 1929-31 Peking, China Council #802 Peking, China
 1947-56 Guam Council #800 Agana, GU

*ended with the Japanese invasion of the Philippines
Reference: Patrick Geary, Councils of the BSA, 6th ed. 2000
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Black Eagle 482 s7
Gamenowinink 555 s4
Chiriqui 391 s25
Hinode Goya 498 s17b
Baluga 538 s1 (image courtesy of Bill Griesmyer)
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